Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Security Cameras at River House Estate, not only detect motion and send email alerts to the caretaker and owners but catch some interesting wildlife images.

A Snapshot of 2 Cameras on the River House Estate    (Opens New Window)

B.C. is home to more than 1138 species of wildlife, including 488 bird species, 142 mammal species, 18 reptile species, 22 amphibian species, 83 freshwater fish species and 368 saltwater fish species.

The area supports a surprisingly diverse mammalian population. It is home to 137 native species of mammals, another 13 species are exotics or aliens introduced to BC from other regions.

Even if its 30 species of marine mammals (seals, sea lions, whales, sea otter) are excluded, BC still supports more mammals than any other jurisdictions in Canada.

Much of Northern BC is preserved and protected by a world-class system of provincial parks and nature reserves. The stunning landscape features turquoise-coloured glacial lakes, alpine meadows, hot springs, volcanic cinder cones and a miniature Grand Canyon.

Visit pristine wilderness areas accessible only by horseback, charter plane or on foot; explore the Great Bear Rainforest or head to idyllic lakeside campgrounds with every modern amenity. The region is known for its magnificent freshwater and saltwater fishing, paddling, hiking, skiing and snowmobiling. Parks provide habitats and sanctuary for wildlife as small as birds and as large as grizzly bears.

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