River House Property Description


Airport View flying into Smithers, BC Canada

Smithers BC Canada view above the Airport


The Smithers airport is only 25 miles from the River House Estate allowing easy access for visitors.

The property is a 293 acre gated Estate located in Northern British Columbia seven hundred miles north of the US/Canadian Border and just seventy, air miles, from the southernmost tip of Alaska.  


River House Estate between Prince Rupert & Prince George

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The Estate is just two miles/3.5 km from The Yellowhead Highway (Hwy 16) which is one of two routes, through British Columbia, to Alaska.  River House Estate is between two small towns; Smithers and Houston. Houston lies 19 miles/31 km to the east and Smithers is 25 miles/41 km to the west. The property also sits midway between two larger communities, Prince George is 210 miles/338 km and Prince Rupert is 241 miles/388 km from River House and accessible by interesting and beautiful four hour drives. The drive to Prince Rupert has been deemed one of the ten most beautiful drives in the world by National Geographic.


River House Estate Lodge, Studio Cabin, River Cabin, Gazebo & Garden

Main House River House Estate (Click to Enlarge)

River House Estate’s main residence, River House, is a 10,000 sq. ft. rustic three story log lodge with an attached three story artist studio. A log cabin called River Cabin lies just to the south, a few convenient steps away. The Lake Cabin sits on a 15-18 acre lake providing a secluded two bedroom cabin for additional guests. A shop/shed is conveniently located in the center of the property and has plenty of storage space for tractors, ATVs and boats.

Doug Wright Fishing the Bulkley River

Fishing the Buckley River

River House Estate has over 1/2 mile of River Front on the Bulkley River a world class steelhead fishery. The fall steelhead run lasts from mid-August until freeze up or when fishing season ends on December 31st. The Bulkley also has annual runs of Chinook, Coho, Pink and sockeye salmon. The substantial chinook run starts before the river officially opens on June 15th and lasts several months. Cohos and pinks arrive in early September along with the occasional sockeye. Jet boating and canoeing to and from River House provides miles of experiencing this almost untouched wilderness. Bear, moose, elk and deer sightings happen on a regular basis with the occasional lucky drifter seeing the allusive wolf or cougar.

Lake Cabin Deck on 15-18 Acre Private Lake

Lake Cabin Deck (Click to Enlarge)

A fifteen acre lake resides on the southern property line between the River House property and government owned Crown Land. The lake holds over ten million gallons of water topped off annually from the snow melt. The overflow provides a seasonal small stream that flows through the property to the Bulkley River. While the lake is not home to native fish annual trout stocking provides wonderful fishing opportunities for visitors.  

The Lake cabin sits right on the lake with a deck that extends over the lake with an attached dock for easy access to the canoes and kayaks. Staying at this cozy cabin provides unlimited opportunities for wildlife viewing.

Wildlife on River House Estate Telkwa, BC Canada

River House Estate Wildlife (Click to Enlarge)

The lake is home to the endangered Western Spotted Toad and is one of the largest breeding areas in Northern BC. Thousands of toads arrive from the bush in mid-May to early June for a mating season that last nearly two weeks. They return to the bush leaving behind millions of eggs to turn into pollywogs and eventually toads. Experiencing the entire process is interesting and amazing. The lake is home to many ducks, geese and grebes that arrive annually to raise their families. In the fall, starting sometimes as early as August 15th, the southern migration of ducks, geese and swans begins. It is not uncommon to see flocks of well over a hundred ducks spend a day or two on their way south. Once the geese start moving south hardly a day goes by without a flock of fifty to seventy five geese come in late in the day, spend the night, and depart early in the morning. Just before freeze up, in Early November, small groups of swans arrive and spend a day or two before heading south.

River House Estate Potential Airstrip

Bulkley River & 27 Acre Hay Field (Potential Airstrip)

 River House property consists of mostly forest consisting of pine, spruce and poplar. There are two hayfields of twenty seven and seven acres that provide limited income but more importantly “edge” which is important to keep wildlife thriving on the property. Running randomly through and around the property are between twelve and fifteen miles of trails perfect for hiking, cross country skiing, snowmobiling and riding ATVs. Most trails are between eight and ten feet wide perfect for experiencing the abundant flora and fauna on the River House property.
River House Estates 293 Acre Location
Map of Telkwa, Houston, Smithers BC Canada

River House Estate on the Bulkley River Telkwa, BC Canada


River House Estate Location on the Bulkey River Telkwa BC Canada

River House Estate approximate boundary


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