River House Estate Showing Dates

River House Estate is our summer home.  We arrive in May and go South in October.  If you would like to make arrangements to view the estate during winter months contact us.  

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“Birds are perhaps the smartest creatures on earth; they instinctively know its best to fly South in the winter and North in the summer.”

As USA citizens, who own property in Northern BC, the Canadian government allows us to stay on our place for only 180 days each year. We can partition for a 30 day extension if needed but because we use River House Estate as our summer retreat and have spent most winters RVing in the South, it has been unnecessary.

We have called Canada’s beautiful Bulkley Valley our private summer getaway for the last 17 years. We love the country and people. There were a couple winters we visited the estate and it is truly a winter wonderland. If we were into skiing, snowmobiling and winter activities, we would have loved to spent more winter months on the property.

At age 76, as we are preparing to sell this private retreat and move South full time, someone asked what we would miss most? How about the best fishing on the planet, pizza parties with Canadian friends and neighbors, visits from family, friends and business associates who are amazed at the beauty of Northern Canada, the drive from RHE to Prince Rupert rated as one of the top 10 scenic drives in North America, fishing the ocean at Prince Rupert on the NICE ( my boat), wildlife right on the property (Moose, Elk, Deer, Bear, Fox, Geese, Ducks etc.), fishing for trout on our own private lake, successfully gardening in a place with a very short growing season. I could go on but visit anywhere in Northern Canada and you will understand why we spend summers in the North.

We are fortunate to have a good neighbor who acts as caretaker for the winter months and a very good security system that allows us to watch the property via Internet. Modern technology is great; we can control heating, lighting, etc. and keep in touch with friends from anywhere our RV is parked. As they say; “Home is where we decide to park”.