General Questions

Is there good cell service?

Yes, and improving constantly.

Is there an Airport nearby and how far to the nearest International Airport?

Smithers, twenty five miles to the west, has a Regional Airport that service both commercial and private jets. Two to three flights daily, depending on the season, fly to and from Vancouver, BC International airport. The flight time is one hour and forty five minutes.

Are there medical services nearby?

There is a small emergency Medical Center in Houston, BC twenty miles to the east and the Bulkley Valley District Hospital is just 30 miles to the west. https://northernhealth.ca/OurServices/Facilities.aspx?FacilityID=70

What species of fish reside in the Bulkley River?

The Bulkley River, a tributary of the Skeena, hosts four species of salmon; Chinook, Sockeye, Coho, and Pinks. The river is also a main spawning ground for Steelhead. The fall steelhead run start in mid-August with the peak of the run in October. The steelhead will winter under the ice and spawn in early spring before returning to the ocean. An occasional sea run cutthroat is caught as are whitefish.

Is the Bulkley opening to fishing all year?

No, the season runs from June 15th to December 31st. The length is partially due to the fact that the river is frozen over most of the winter and the spring runoff usually doesn’t subside until after June 15th.

Are there fees for non-Canadians to fish The Bulkley River?

Yes, The Bulkley River is a Class two fishery and a daily fee is required, for non-residence, from September 1st until the end of October. In addition a fishing license and species stamp is required for salmon and steelhead.

When was River House built?

We started in 2000 and it is an ongoing process. Check out River House History by clicking here. http://www.riverhousecanada.com/bcestate/history-of-river-house-estate/

What wildlife resides on the River House property?

We have not allowed hunting on the River House property resulting in a robust wildlife population. The River House property is home to moose, elk, mule and white tail deer, wolves, coyotes, foxes, lynx, martin, fisher, black bear with very rare sightings of a grizzly bear, wolverine and cougar. While I have never seen a caribou on the property they have been seen in the vicinity by local farmers.

Will a birder be disappointed at River House?

Not at all. Waterfowl are very abundant at River House Estate. The lake is used as a nesting ground by several pairs of geese, four or five pairs of ring neck ducks and a nice growing family of horned grebes. During the fall hundreds of ducks drop in each evening for a rest before heading south. Almost every night, usually at dusk, a flock of geese arrive between August 15th and when the snow flies. They depart early in the morning making a loop right over River House.   River House’s lake also is a stopping place for several bevies of whistling swans that stop over on their way south.   The swans usually stay for a couple of days which makes great viewing from River Cabin. While Sandhill Crane don’t stop at River House they fly over twice a year heading North and South. In addition to water fowl the humming birds start showing up in early May and stay all summer, departing when the frost hits in early September. We have seen over thirty at feeders we provide. We have Bald Eagles and Ospreys. There are at least twenty Ruffed Grouse families that reside on the property. Then, of course, the robins arrive in May as do lots of other birds; too many to list here. A birder certainly won’t be disappointed.

Are there mosquitoes at River House?

Ubetcha. Mosquitoes are part of the Great White North usually between May and early August. Putting on a little insect repellent is just part of living in the Great White North.

Does River House have enough room for a landing strip?

Yes, currently River house has a hayfield ½ mile long adequate for a landing strip for small aircraft. In addition River House Estate has a Helipad located in the upper hayfield near the lake. Note: We recently optioned to buy another 85 acres which will allow the potential to add a one mile airstrip for larger private jets.  It also would add another 1/2 mile to Bulkley River frontage.

Does River House have Internet and Satellite TV?

Yes, we have both Internet service through Xplornet and Satellite from Starchoice. There are several other options. We receive both Canadian and US TV programs.

Where does River House get its water?

River House has unlimited quantities of excellent water. A thirty foot deep well resides a hundred yards from the Bulkley river. The water finds its way to the well by coming through gravel and sand which naturally filters the water. The water is then pumped to a seven gallon cistern located between River Cabin and River House. A water line is buried below the frost line servicing the water needs of Lake Cabin nearly a quarter away.

Are there black flies or horse flies at River House?

Very few


What is the zoning at River House?

The River House zoning is ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve) To better understand the ALR and their regulations check out www.alc.gov.bc.ca > legislation-regulation

Where is River House Estate?

River House Estate MapThe Estate is just two miles/3.5 km from The Yellowhead Highway (Hwy 16) which is one of two routes, through British Columbia, to Alaska.  River House Estate is between two small towns; Smithers and Houston. Houston lies 19 miles/31 km to the east and Smithers is 25 miles/41 km to the west. The property also sits midway between two larger communities, Prince George is 210 miles/338 km and Prince Rupert is 241 miles/388 km from River House.

What is the elevation at River House Estate?

At the top of the property, near the entry gate, the elevation is 1800 feet while the river nearly a mile away is 1500 ft.